Monday, September 15, 2014

Sellersburg Roofing - Discount Coupon For Hail Damage Repair

Sellersburg Roofing Contractors are Providing a discount coupon for Hail Damage Repair services to Home owners in Sellersburg and the surrounding area. Call 502 653 8111 and talk with Company Owner Tim Cooley. Or go to

Tim has been in roofing and remodeling for Twenty Years and can guide you on the best ways to make an insurance claim for storm damage to your property. Call today and schedule an appointment for Tim to come to your house and do an absolutely FREE ROOF INSPECTION. If there is proof of hail damage he will explain the process for contacting your house insurance company. Give us a Call Today.
Hey there it's Will LeStrange from Kentuckiana Roof Connection and today I'm here with Mr.Tim Cooley. We were having a conversation recently about the roofing work that is going on in Sellersburg
Tim brought up some very fascinating points, so review some of those points from that discussion.
Well Will you understand Sellersburg was struck by a major hailstorm on May 10th, Mothers Day, and now it's September twelfth and even though it's four months later on there's still a lot of undetected roof damage in the location. You understand most damage is undetected from the ground and really unless you have a trained eye or a roofing expert to come out and take a look at it and let someone understand what's going on, they're not going to know exactly what's going on.
So there's a great deal of roofs up there with undetected damage at the moment. I could be a home owner, I believed well perhaps we got the storm however from where I'm standing it appears like we got away with it, however the chances are, winter's coming and it could be an issue ... Definitely and hail affects the shingle and produces a "bruise" on the roofs surface thats not going to be visible from the ground, you got to have someone come out and take a look at it and that is what we are here for.
So we have a special deal for the homeowners of Sellersburg. We have a voucher which is a great offer for the folks who need to get their roofs checked over. If you want to contact Tim then call 502 653 8111 that's 502 653 8111 okay thanks very, very much. Look out for our other promotional video
We are also Offering New Roof and Roof repair service to the listed cities throughout Southern Indiana:. Sellersburg. Memphis. Henryville. Floyds Knobs. Borden. Clarksville. Jeffersonville. New Albany. Louisville.
Zip Codes. 47143. 47172.
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